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Tell Aleen what’s bothering you and it will diagnose you. It will roughly take 10 minutes.

Check your symptoms for free. No private info required
No sign up and paid features
Quick diagnosis of your health condition
Aleen Symptom Checker is a perfect AI tool for preliminary diagnosis
Enter your symptoms

Tell Aleen what is bothering you

Take a survey

Answer detailed questions for Aleen to understand your health condition

Answer additional questions

It will help Aleen determine possible reasons of your symptoms

Get your result

AI system will analyze your info and give you a list of possible diseases

Time factor

Quick health check up, at any given moment, no need to visit a clinic

AI technology

Aleen is using an intellectual technology based on science and medicine from acknowledged publications


Checking symptoms is anonymous

Aleen Symptom Checker determines probable causes of your symptoms and helps to find appropriate assistance
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Aleen Inc. is in the business of online diagnosis and health management. The Corporation endeavours to provide you full info on your body condition.